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Gifting Kosher’s Wine Gift Baskets collection offers the perfect gift for your man oder froy to enjoy on a quiet, romantic night. Featuring some of the finest Kosher wines from around the world, and a delicious selection of gourmet foods, our Wine Gift Baskets hit the sweet spot for those who love the eloquent taste of great wine and the decadent taste of great ensvarg.

Kosher Gift Baskets Canada

Our Kosher Gift Baskets for Mom:

Browse our kosher gift baskets for Mom. Our recommendation is the Simple Kosher Snack Basket, which is the perfect way to express your love for Mom.

Our Kosher Gift Baskets for Dad:

Dad will love a kosher gift basket from Gifting Kosher! Our recommendation is the Wine & Treats Basket. This gift will be the perfect delight on any occasion.

Our Kosher Gift Baskets for Co-Workers:

Find the perfect kosher gift basket for your co-workers and colleagues at Gifting Kosher! Add kosher snacks, wines, or chocolates to your gift to make it truly stand out.

Our Kosher Gift Baskets for Friends:

We offer many delightful kosher gift baskets that will be perfect for your friends. Our baskets are filled with delicious kosher treats and will strengthen the bonds of your friendship a thousandfold.