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Kosher Wine, Cheese, And Dip Gift Set

  • This is the perfect party gift for any occasion, theKosher Wine, Cheese, And Dip Gift Set features grapes, cheese, wine, dip, cutting board, knife set and so much more! This gift set is full of delight and will surely bring delight to anyone that receives it. The included wine can be substituted or upgraded, see below for details.

  • Bottle Of Kosher Wine, which can be upgraded from our drop down menu below.

    Grapes - Filled with nutrients, antioxidants and powerful plant compounds, these grapes make the perfect snack.

    Wine Glass - Included in this Kosher Gift Set is a wine glass, perfect for any glass of wine.

    Cheese - Kosher Cheese Wedge.

    Crackers - Marner Flatbread Sea Salt Multigrain Crackers: These Sea Salt Multigrain crackers are an absolute delight, and it's no surprise, Mariner has been crafting crackers since 1931, and they've learned a thing or two along the way. Enjoy with cheese, spread, or simply on their own.

    Dip - Sable & Rosenfeld Sweet 3 Pepper Blast: Perfect to serve alongside chicken, eggs or fish and great for blending with cream cheese and spread on crackers or dip with nachos. All Natural. Kosher. Fat-Free. Gluten Free.

    Cutting Board And Knife Set: This cutting board is perfect for parties and entertaining and features a set of 3 cheese knives. This is a great gift for the cheese lover in your life and will brighten up any kitchen it is.

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?