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The Kosher Connoisseur Gift Basket

  • The Kosher Connoisseur Gift Basket is a thoughtful way to spread love and cheer to that special someone. Filled with crackers, cheese, jam olives, cookies, and kosher wine, this is a go-to gift for friends, family, and clients. Our curated list consists of over 600 fine quality wines from around the world that are guaranteed to satisfy any palate.

  • One Bottle Of Kosher Wine Featuring one of the finest wines Gifting Kosher has to offer, the wine can be upgraded from our drop-down menu.

    Crackers - CaPeachio’s A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's Original Crackers will complete any starting course and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free.

    Cheese - Arla Havarti Cheese: Enjoy our Arla Havarti with its distinctly mild and creamy taste. Based on an original Danish recipe from the 1870s it still remains a firm favorite to many.

    Jam - Biet Yitzhak Wildberry Jam:  A healthy and delicious choice, Beit-Yitzhak jams aredelicious spreads with a wide range of fruity flavors to enjoy with breakfast or appetizers.

    Olives - Tipsy Garlic Olives: Wonderfully bold, Sable & Rosenfeld marinated olives are a true delight and the perfect companion to any appetizer or entree.

    Cookies -Purim Hamantaschen Cookies: Each cookie is filled with a fruit jam, making it a sweet treat this Purim.

    Wooden Crate: Store and display your favorite wine in a traditional wood crate box featuring a raised plank border and diagonal support bar.

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?