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Perfect is the word

Delivered on time and in perfect state. Ordered it with a bottle of champagne for my boyfriend and he was quite pleased with the gift. The ceramic boat was of decent quality and can be used later. Worth giving a shot.

It was good

This was my first purchase on this site and it did not disappoint me in any way. I was a bit skeptical while ordering this one but the basket exceeded my expectations. It was delivered on the promised date and looked really wonderful. The little box of chocolate looked very adorable. This was for my husband and he was pleased with it. We enjoyed it and were of the same mind that the basket was a good value for money.

Chinese new year gift

Though I am happy with the quality of the items and the services rendered, I still found it a bit pricey. The boxes of chocolates should have been a bit larger; the chocolates were quite delicious and I felt like having more of them. The wine had the sweet and tart flavors of chocolate and berry and goes down smoothly. Those who don't care about the budget when it comes to quality should give this basket a go.

It looked great

My girl got this for me. It was totally one of its kind basket for me and assemblage was fantastic and impressive. It's going to be on my mind for a long time. Recommended.

A sweet little gift

I ordered this hamper for my foodie husband. He was thrilled beyond words when he started going through the stuff. The basket had all the items listed on the website and all were delish to taste. To our surprise, even the cheese was fresh and soft. I upgraded the hamper with my husband's favorite wine and he was over the moon. The service from the vendor was smooth and the shipping was free. This is not a basket to miss.

A great tea time set

My boyfriend sent me this hamper and it reached me on the valentine's day around noontime. It was a pretty hamper and the items were relishable. He has gifted me chocolates and wines earlier also, but there was this wooden cheese & wine set carved in a heart shape in this basket that fascinated me the most. Lovely hamper it was. Would recommend as a gift for the love of your life.

We enjoyed the basket

The hamper was delivered on time and was spiffed up in attractive packaging. The rum had an amazing flavor profile and made a great constituent in cocktails. I prefer loads of spice in my food and so the tortilla chips, dipper, and salsa in the basket were a treat for me. The cherry milk chocolate was divine and I loved its presentation in the ceramic bowl. All the items tasted fresh and delicious. I am certainly going to buy this basket again. Much, much recommended.

Met the expectations

Got this sweet valentine day basket from my beau and this was by far the best gift he has given me so far. It had some really fine goodies and a cuddly heart-shapes pillow. A nice assortment for sitting back and watching your favorite series. The singing dog was the optimum part of this basket. Would certainly recommend.

A generous basket

This was the last moment purchase and I just went along with it. This being an online order, I was expecting a mediocre sort of a plush toy but the one delivered to me was not just bigger but was also of good, likable quality. The material was up to snuff and the stuffing felt really cuddle-worthy. It was an excellent item for this price.

It was appreciated

Got this for my wife and we were really impressed with the assortment of the basket and the way it actually delivered what it promised. Goodies were great to taste and definitely of prime quality. The basket carrying the items could have been a better-looking one, but the rest was great and the purchase went flawlessly well. Going to recommend this site to my friends as well.


It was just as I expected it to be. All the items were nice and the reception was great. Thanks.


I ordered this plush bear for a friend of mine for her birthday. I paired it up with a bottle of sparkling wine and that made the gift great to go. It was packaged very beautifully and was delivered on the expected day. What pleases me about this gift the most is that it was pretty economic but was truly appreciated by the recipient nonetheless. Much recommended.

It was a lovely gift

Got this for a special friend who loved it. I felt so good with her response for the basket. Thanks a lot for the prompt delivery, you saved the day.

It was loved

Ordered this for the special lady of my life and she looked very pleased with the gift. It was delivered as and when expected along with the little note I added to it. She was also impressed by my efforts and the choice of the basket. Glad that I made this purchase, it made the day very special.

The hamper was wonderful

I really want to take up the opportunity to appreciate the vendor for amazing products and service. I have been shopping with this site for a while now and always found the baskets good. This one, however, was the best among them all. This was for my husband and he said a singing and dancing dog was the last thing he was expecting for the valentines day, but he looked pleased all the same. The items were of rich quality and packed with utmost care and taste. I have always told many of my friends about this hamper and the site. Will continue shopping here.

It was classy and impressive

Got this for my girl and her response was great. She totally loved it. The hamper had some really good assortment of fine quality and it was delivered on time despite being ordered at the last moment. The gift was very well received so I am totally happy with this purchase.

My granny loved it

Was a real good basket and we enjoyed the inclusions. Some of them looked a bit different from what I imagined, but everyone liked all of it. Great for picnics and outings loving people.

It looked grand and rich

It was quite a sizeable basket with several goodies in little packs. The packaging was eye-catchy and nothing seemed to be any less than superb. Sampled everything taking my own time and found them good. The delicious wine with the stiletto shaped wine bottle holder made it all better.

Brilliant assortment

My grandma wanted me to help her with choosing a gift for grandpa and we both agreed on this one. It has a classy assortment; the content looked great. Grandpa really liked all of it (the whiskey the most) and was amused by the music dog toy which was quite sizable and dominated the basket. All on all, it was totally worth going for and I would recommend it for sure.

All baskets delivered on time

My husband sent this basket for me for the first valentines day after our marriage. I was out of town for some work and this hamper took me completely by surprise when I came back to my hotel room. It looked very pretty and adorable and the content was lovely. Wine and chocolates with a fresh bouquet and a cute teddy toy. He couldn't have given me a better gift. Highly recommended.

A beautiful crate

We sent this basket to our son and daughter in law on their first wedding anniversary. Our daughter-in-law is a chocoholic and was elated to see so much of it in the basket. She said there wasn't a single item she didn't like and she had almost all of it to herself, sharing only the wine with her husband. We were very happy to hear that our gift was so loved. Thank you very much.

The ultimate new year basket

Received it within 24 hours of placing the order. All the stuff was great, including a nice, reusable basket. Would like to order again.

Anyone would love it

I am writing this review on behalf of my mom. She got this gift from dad on their 20th wedding anniversary. The content was wonderful, to begin with. Quality was classy. The assortment was good as it was, but dad still updated it with a large brick of chocolate and mom's favorite wine. She was over the moon with this gift. I too liked it, would like to gift it to someone.


It was a great hamper to enjoy a day off with your partner. Snacks were crunchy and fresh, the wine was delicious and so were the chocolates. The musical dog made this hamper different from others. Recommended.

This was awesome

The best gift I received in a while. It was a treat full of mouth-watering goodies. The brand of wine was new for me but was great just the same. Go ahead and buy this for someone who has a sweet tooth, they will love it. Absolutely recommended.