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Pretzels At Play Wine Gift Basket

  • The pretzels are at play with this gift basket. All housed on a serving platter, a nice piece of kitchenware, the contents of the Pretzels At Play Wine Gift Basket include assorted pretzels, ranging from the salty to the sweet, as well as a fine bottle of wine to quench your thirst while snacking on these delicious treats!

  • Pretzels - Assorted Pretzels: This basket comes with a refreshing assortment of pretzels, from salty to sweet, your taste buds and sweet tooth are sure to be satisfied.

    Tray - Serving Platter: This serving platter houses these pretzels perfectly but can also be used in the future for cheese and crackers, vegetables and dip, you name it!

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?