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Coffee & Chocolates Kosher Gift Set

  • You’ve found the perfect Rosh Hashanah gift for friends, family and colleagues, or simply a gift for yourself! Enhance your dessert treats and snacks this Rosh Hashanah with our Coffee & Chocolates Kosher Gift Set. This kosher gift set is filled with an assortment of delightful treats that are sure to impress from the first bite to the last. Filled with an incredible assortment of sweet treats, this gift set is the perfect gift to wish someone a ‘sweet new year’ with this kosher gift set from Gifting Kosher.

  • Hammond's Milk Chocolate S'more bar: Delight in the delicious combination of milk chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker.               

     Hammond's Cookie Dough Milk Chocolate Bar: Just like baking fresh cookies, without the mess! This sweet milk chocolate Cookie Dough candy bar is loaded with a delicious cookie dough filling.              

     Hammond's Chocolate Chip Marshmallows: These handmade, small batch marshmallows combine the decadence of cocoa and rich chocolate chips. Low in calories and deliciously indulgent, they are the perfect sweet snack.          

     Magnificent Bastard Coffee Tin Scoundrel :                       

     Hammond's Chocolate Chip Cookies: Craving chocolate chip cookies? You'll love these crispy, bite-sized treats from Hammond's.     

    suB Mini Sour Blue Raspberry:                  

    Marich Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels: The soft, buttery goodness of our handcrafted sea salt caramels wrapped in rich, dark chocolate. 

    Teak Round Cutting Board: "No kitchen should be without teak! One of the most durable exotic woods means you can expect it to last. This cheese platter has a nice loop to hang it when you are finished using it.  Metric - Diameter 30 x 1.5cm

    Imperial - Diameter 11.8 x 0.6in"              


    Cookie It Up! 'Shorts' Double Chocolate: A decadent blend of rich cocoa and milk chocolate and white chocolate chips.               


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Philip Lane

Clean and Delectable. Good gift basket and it was a hit basket for my recipient.