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The "Yom Tov" Kosher Gift Set

  • If you're looking for a sweet way to wish someone a happy holiday, say it with Gifting Kosher and The "Yom Tov" Kosher Gift Set. This is the perfect gift to send to family and friends this holiday. You'll find a wide assortment of mouthwatering kosher items, including chocolates, cheese, chips, crackers, and even an elegant cutting board, that comes complete with a selection of cheese knives and wine opener.  It’s been delicately arranged to house the finest and most eccentric selection of snacks any lover of gourmet kosher foods could possibly enjoy.

  •  Glen Echo-Albert's Leap - Belle Marie Brie  Brie Belle Marie (Ontario) A white and velvety rind surrounds the soft and creamy interior of this double cream Brie called Bell Marie. Adding extra cream into the milk creates a luxurious mouthfeel, which contrasts beautifully with the slightly chewy rind

    The Sand Trap Golf Cheese Board w/ Cheese & Wine ToolsIt's golfing season! Serve with style on this luxurious golf-themed cheese board. It features two slide-out drawers with an array of tools for wine and cheese. Metric - 18.5 x 32.5 x 4.5cm
    Imperial - 7.3 x 12.8 x 1.8in

    Robert Rothschilds Pretzel TwistsOur Pretzel Dippers are perfectly baked and seasoned to give a crunchy, salty addition to your favorite dip.  These flat dippers can be spread with dips and spreads and served as appetizers. Crush and add to your favorite ice cream sundae for a sweet & salty treat.

    Capeachios's Original Water CrackersCaPeachio’s Artisan crackers make for elegant hors d’oeuvres, the perfect pairing with wine and cheese, or a simple snack straight out of the box. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Baked with classic, distinctive old-world style, CaPeachio’s crackers come in a range of flavors to satisfy everyone at your party, or your picnic, or just when you need a little something.

    Marich Chocolate Toffee AlmondsFresh roasted California almonds glazed with buttery sweet toffee and covered in creamy milk chocolate.

    Robert Rothschild Artichoke & Spinach Dip The subtle flavor of srtichoke, aged romano cheese, baby spinach, and garlic is outstanding.

    Cookie It Up 'Shorts' Milk Chocolate CookiesThese irresistible cookies combine melt-in-your-mouth shortbread with heaps of scrumptious milk chocolate chips.

    Badoit WaterBadoit is substantial water, but despite its high mineral content, it has a very light taste. This is water for people who say they don’t like sparkling mineral water. The effervescent small and very fine bubbles give a nice structure to the water. The high level of bicarbonate is beneficial for digestion.


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Philip Gray
It's Okay to buy another one

Three long cartons that were crammed into a large box contained the basket. Only to see that were favourites of my and my mother's. For my mother, I should have purchased another one.