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Gifting Kosher - Service Guarantees

If Gifting Kosher delivers a gift basket or gift with a service guarantee after the applicable guaranteed delivery time on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, Gifting Kosher will, upon request by the Gift Sender, issue the Gift Sender a refund or credit (at Gifting Kosher's option) in respect of the delivery.

In the event that a gift or gift basket covered by a service guarantee is not delivered in accordance with the applicable service guarantee, Gifting Kosher will, at its option, refund or credit a Gift Sender, upon request, an amount equal to the difference between (a) the delivery fees paid by the Gift Sender and (b) the delivery fees that would apply to the delivery service that was actually received.

If Gifting Kosher cannot deliver a gift or gift basket with a service guarantee on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, delivery will take place by End of Day on the business day specified by Gifting Kosher.

The following limitations apply to guaranteed deliveries:

(i) The delay must not be caused by some event beyond Gifting Kosher control, including but not limited to, those items described in “Liability of Gifting Kosher – Events Beyond Gifting Kosher Control”.

(ii) The delivery must not be left in a “Drop Box” after the posted pickup time; must not require pickup after local cut-off times; and must not be tendered to Gifting Kosher after local cut-off times. 

(iii) The service guarantee may be suspended, modified or revoked at Gifting Kosher sole discretion.

(iv) The service guarantee will not apply to the following deliveries:

a) Deliveries originating from or destined to points deemed by Gifting Kosher to be remote, where such points are not serviced directly by Gifting Kosher couriers;

b ) Undeliverable or returned deliveries;

For details about the applicable geographic and other service limitations as may be determined by Gifting Kosher from time to time, please contact Gifting Kosher.

Refunds for Gifting Kosher Service Guarantees

To obtain a refund or credit where applicable in accordance with Gifting Kosher service guarantee(s), Customers should call the telephone number on their invoice or contact cs@giftingkosher.com or 1-(800)-548-9624 and be ready to provide their Order number. Gifting Kosher must receive a request for refund or credit in respect of a delivery to which a delivery service guarantee applies within 14 calendar days after the order was delivered or scheduled to be delivered.

Gifting Kosher reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse a request for a refund or credit of delivery charges for any delivery, when such request is made by any party other than the payer of the delivery charges.