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Purim Bed Tray

  • Our Purim Bed Tray features all kosher items, including honey, Hamantaschen cookies, a cast iron tea pot and tea! If you would like to add a bottle of wine, we can do that too -- just check out our Wine Gifts section and add a  bottle!

  • What is Included in this All Kosher Gift Basket?

    Nude Bee Honey Co. Blueberry Honey - 250g
    Dibella Vanilla Latte Biscotti - 187g
    Old Dominion Peanut Brittle - 170g
    Tea Forte Engish Breakfast Black Tea
    Elsa’s Story – Crisp Baked Crackers – 125g
    Black Cast Iron Teapot
    8 Hamantaschen
    A Stainless Steel Plate
    Natural Products Beit Yitzhak Ltd. – Fruits Jam – 284g

    ALL KOSHER - We are proud to confirm that every item in this Kosher Gift Basket is certified by a leading Kosher certifier and clearly marked with certification.

Our No - Alcohol Kosher Gift Baskets

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Benny Dean
Happy moment for Recipient

It is in difficult times that you really know the character and quality of people. The same applies to business and companies.

Demi Clay
Customer service was very quick

The best webstore ever! Quick response, marvelous service and products! And also great attendants! Thank you so much! I'll be your costumer 4ever!

Odael ben Haran
Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and prompt delivery..... I appreciate it.

Emma Sapir
Great Customer Service

Terrific customer service representative. They were courteous and prompt and provided a wonderful description for all Gifting Kosher products, which made the process of delivering more easier. I'll return to place a new order for baked goods!!